What is Life Stem Genetics (LSG)

Life Stem Genetics (LSG) is a progressive health care company that focuses on healing with a patient’s own “Stem Cells”. Stem Cells for years have been known to heal a variety of ailments successfully and now it is being offered as an efficient and painless way to treat many different illnesses ranging from orthopedic Injuries, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Plastic Surgery, Age Management, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cardiology, COPD, MS, Urology, and many more. Stem cells have now been proven to cure HIV successfully and will continue to break barriers in human science and healthcare. Stem Cell Therapy and LSG’s proprietary techniques have experienced some of the best results in the industry, helping to repair or re-program damaged or diseased tissues and organs.

Stem Cell treatments have been performed on the top names in PGA golf, NFL football, NBA basketball, and Major League Baseball. Life Stem Genetics Inc. will offer their proprietary treatments through a series of Affiliate Doctors, and Medical Clinics in the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, and Asia.

LSG’s mission is to create a solid comprehensive approach to the treatment and maintenance of diseases and to break free from the medical insurance world by tapping into an affordable private- pay sector delivering exceptional healthcare free from the medical insurance maze.



Life Stem Genetics Strengthens its Medical Advisory Board with the Appointments of Three Doctors
[April 8th, 2014]

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. (LIFS) today announced the appointments of Dr. Roberto Fernandez Viña, Dr. Ranbir Singh Gill, and Dr. Praveen Gill to its Medical Advisory Board... [ read more ]

Life Stem Genetics appoints Dr. Vino Padayachee as Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors
[March 20th, 2014]

Dr. Padayachee served as President of the Saskatchewan Medical Association in 2006-2007 and as CEO of the Saskatchewan Medical Association from 2011 to February 2014... [ read more ]

Stem Cells Improve Cognition After Brain Injury
[November 12th, 2013]

Research led by Charles Cox at the University of Texas Health Science... [ read more ]